State Forms

Exemption Forms

Statement of Gross Income

Form: DR-501A
Rev. Date: R. 11/12

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Deployed Military Exemption Application

Form: DR-501M
Rev. Date: R. 03/16

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Transfer of Homestead Assessment Difference

Form: DR-501T Rev. Date: R. 12/08

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Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Application and Return

Form: DR-504CS
Rev. Date: R. 12/00

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Affidavit for Ad Valorem Tax Exemption

Form: DR-504S
Rev. Date: R. 11/01

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Value Adjustment Board Forms

Withdrawal of Petition

Form: DR-485WI
Rev. Date: R. 01/17

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VAB Petition Guide for Taxpayers

Form: PT-101
Rev. Date: R. 06/15

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Other Forms

Declaration of Mobile Home as Real Property

Form: DR-402
Rev. Date: R. 08/95

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Change of Ownership or Control Non-Homestead Property

Action: Draft form may be used until emergency rule is issued
Form: DR-430
Rev. Date: N. 11/12

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Cut Out Request

Form: DR-518
Rev. Date: R. 04/16

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County Forms