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  • Which county ordinances pertain to 911 addressing?
  • Ordinance 2003-127, 97-89, 98-91, 99-97, and 99-104 were all created for the 911 addressing process.
    Copies of these ordinances can be obtained from the Madison County Clerks office.
  • If my address is changed for any reason, how long can I use my previous address?
  • Upon receiving a new 911 address, residents will have one year to complete all address changes before the USPS will discontinue delivery to the previous address.
  • How do I obtain an address for new construction or a new mobile home?
  • When you or your contractor pull permits for construction etc. the building department will direct you to our office. We will fill out the attached addressing application and give you a signed dated copy to keep with the rest of your permits. Our data collector will go out to the property and obtain a GPS point for us to use in assigning your address. You will not be given a Certificate of Occupancy nor will the power be turned on until your address is properly posted at your new home.
  • How big should my address numbers be?
  • Address Numbers should be placed on the side of your driveway entrance:
        Number Sizes: (inches)
        Residential: 4" or larger
        Business: 6" or larger
  • Where can I purchase address numbers?
  • Numbers can be purchased from several local vendors or from any hardware store.

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